Who is the best YouTube guitar teacher? – What’s The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Playing

| Your Answer: Mark Waddell – I think that this question really encapsulates what I feel in a lot of ways. I guess I’d have to say it’s about teaching, it’s about a combination of teaching and learning and not having any sense of direction or directionless playing. And being able to keep that music alive and keep on learning and continue to keep on learning what you’re learning. There are so many different ways of doing that, but the way I like to approach it is really just taking the time to just play music over and over again, learning things as you go rather than having this huge, overarching goal. And I believe in the more specific as opposed to the general approach. I think that’s the best way to go, is to really go out there, learn new things, just really open yourself up and not feel so constrained. And that’s certainly something you could do with YouTube.

What would you recommend someone who is interested in learning guitar but isn’t a good teacher, listen to instead?
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The best teacher to start in would be myself in my first three years. But I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone else, not from my perspective, so really just to get into the learning.

How will you celebrate your 100th YouTube video?

I’ll start at 5pm GMT on 6th Jan, which is 4pm New York, so I’m going to have a party, and that will be at my house.

How many hours had you devoted to learning to play guitar?

I went from playing ten or fifteen hours a day to ten or fifteen hours a day after I started. I started off with my little son – a friend of mine who’s my neighbour, who I actually met through playing. And before getting to know him we used to have a game where we’d have a few beers and watch the kids playing at the park, and he was a guitar guy. His thing was that he’d make his guitar case out of something and would put it up in the car and play in it.

And that really opened up a whole new world for me. And then on tour he’d have the guitar cases with me, and so on, and the car would be always out at the gigs with him and when I’d try something new, I’d try it and if he said, “No, that can’t be me”, then I’d just listen to him as he was telling me things and try to work it out by the

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