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What’s the hardest guitar to play? What’re your favorite guitars and guitars you wouldn’t play to death if I threw you out of a window?

In an age where most musicians spend a week or two a year away from home, it’s easy to forget how important it is to be in the studio. The days of just “learning over here” are over. A guitarist needs to put years of experience into any instrument they pick up so the guitar will always stay in top shape.

If a guitarist wants to work on their chops, it’s always worth spending time in the studio to get a better understanding on how each instrument can be used in different musical situations.

The same applies to songwriting and production. We often spend a large portion of our time working on songs we’ve already written or recorded but it’s just as important to do the “hard” work on new songs.
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If a guitarist’s in a band and all their songs are songs they’ve written already, they’ll be better equipped to write with fresh eyes. So if a guitarist goes on a tour and their songs don’t work too well, they need to be sure to try new songs and get feedback on them.

There’s no point in spending thousands to learn a guitar or any other instrument when you have to spend years working on them. The best practice is to give them a small taste of what they’re good at and ask them to “pick up the slack” when something goes wrong.

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