What song should I play on guitar? – How To Learn To Play The Guitar For Kids

“I do a lot of live and in studio recordings. There are a lot of songs that have a lot of guitar and not much keyboards. It’s always the same. The people that have a lot of guitars should do an electric version instead of doing a keyboard version. If you want to do a keyboard version, do a keyboard version of that song. You’ll have a lot of different instruments and it’ll have a different sound.

It does become a lot easier to play a guitar version when you have a bass player or do the melody on guitar. If you’re playing a piano version, if you have a violin player, a viola player or something else that’s playing a bass line or a piano line in a way that’s going to sound like a guitar, that will sound very good. I think a lot of people are trying to do that but it’s just not gonna sound like an electric keyboard.

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