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Where do I stop?

I suggest learning some basic guitar scales, which are available here:

[chart, chart2]
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As you learn the basic patterns, you’ll probably want to try different scales. But I suggest starting with a relatively simple scale – like the one below. If you can use your thumb, make sure to do so. These shapes are easy to play (more on the fingerings later), and the note name you write (and feel) on the fretboard makes the shape easy to play. Use the “Notes” column of the scales column for the note names.

Try to practice your scales every day. I suggest listening to your recordings at least 30 times and keeping a log. You’ll also need an audio sequencer like GarageBand and a DAW software like Reaper or Logic. I also suggest playing through a loop of your scale patterns. If you go slow enough, you can be comfortable with the pattern while it repeats.

Once you’ve gotten into chords and scales, add in some guitar chord names:

In my experience, learning scales and chords is more difficult than playing chords, because the sound of each part of the chord depends on the order in which you pronounce the letters you’re hearing. For this reason, it’s best to learn a scale, then a chord of your type. (A note is pronounced C, A is pronounced D, B is pronounced A#, and so on.)

[chart, chart3]

I recommend starting with guitar tunings:

[chart, table]

Now you’re ready to build up to the “bigger” part of playing guitar (the solo), namely soloing. That part comes in two flavors: (1) a solo you can play live, or (2) one you could jam over a beat. And, of course, you can add the other elements of your guitar experience – like riffs, chord progressions, or scales – to give the experience more of a live feel.

The chart below is an example of a solo I’ve tried to write down. It’s a simple 3-bar phrase, sung very fast and simple, but it’s still a good example of what you can do – it should be easy to learn, because everyone can sing, and it works well for soloing.

[chart, table]

As you learn the basics of this soloing approach, you’ll be able to write down chord progressions

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