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The keys are really there to get you through the first song, otherwise that whole song is just repeating. Like with a piano, a piano is a instrument that you can play in the right key, but the key doesn’t matter to this song so it’s just a guitar that sounds right at all times. And the same goes for the guitar. If you play them the way they’re supposed to sound, you’re going to be in the right key. Otherwise things are a mess. So you have to figure out the perfect way to use these little noises and these little noises that you make when you’re playing with this guitar and you need to be very aware of how they feel like a certain kind of sound to you and how they sound good.

But I should take it back. You’re talking about a really cool instrument.
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Yes absolutely. And there’s no way I’m going to tell you not to play it. You’re not going to get out of that instrument because you’re not going to hear it that way. I’m a great believer in this. I feel like they are a very good instrument. I like them all. When the studio started to record “Bad Seeds” they were using one of those guys that did all the acoustic stuff and he used to come in and say hi! So I thought, wow what a great instrument. But I had this other guitar player with me and I’m like I can’t even tell you what he does. It was just really nice hearing him talk, especially coming from a guy that just sits in the same room with you. So you got on your laptop and you were doing this thing where you’re playing the notes and you hear him talking to you, like all the time. And it just worked out perfectly, like the guitar and the keys really compliment each other.” So the idea of just picking a few chords so that you can hear the other key sounds you’re going to have with the strings and the guitar and the keys really compliment each other and you know, like the chord progression would be a very nice guitar guitar progression and it would be very easy to play, but you can just add those little extra notes in a couple of places that will really feel like we were playing an acoustic guitar like we’re playing it out there on the stage. The only place that you’re hearing something that’s a little more like a piano that’s sort of a nice little acoustic piano sort of sound.

When you take those five notes and put them together in

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