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The second most popular guitar is the acoustic guitar, which has a total of 1,931 sold copies since February 2013. This reflects both the popularity of acoustic guitar as a musical instrument and the desire of consumers for a low-priced guitar.

The top ten most sold guitars across this list – which also includes more rare and expensive instruments – are:
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The idea came after she lost her son in an accident, she told The Post.

“I lost everything — my child, my home, my friends — because of the accident,” said the 56-year-old mother. “I knew my loss would hurt, but this has been a terrible ordeal to be through.”

Sister Anne, who lives near Baltimore, and Sister Maria, 63, came to her rescue. The two sisters, who own the business, raised Sister Anne’s son for more than seven years.

“It’s a wonderful story. You have to understand that in our culture it’s very difficult — as in some things are unimaginable,” said Sister Anne, who did not wish to give her last name.

Sister Anne told her sister to get her son a job at Home Depot, where she’d helped his other sibling land a job just a few weeks earlier. Sister Anne said she also offered the pair some free baby-sitter services and “a very generous loan,” Sister Anne said.

“He was so happy and he’s so thankful now,” Sister Anne said.

They got the little boy a part time position and helped him finish work on his first truck. It was there that he was struck by a car on Route 30 in Maryland on July 11 — a fact he told his mother at the time.

“We went to the hospital to take care of him. He had all his teeth. He was wearing his dentures. He was a very serious case,” said Sister Anne. “He was in the hospital three weeks. And his mouth was falling out. He had to have teeth extracted and he didn’t need them.

“So when he came out, they said, ‘OK, he’s doing pretty well. Keep him on crutches the rest of the time.'”

Sister Anne said her son has since found work and a spot at a university. He was one of six people injured after a crash at a bridge in Georgia in July that killed six people and badly injured a dozen others — among them Sister Anne’s own son.

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