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One of the biggest hurdles in any musical instrument is how to develop a sound. This is something that everyone learns, and will most likely grow out of, but it can be challenging especially for kids. But, if it can be done, it can be done for many different instruments regardless of age. Even if you plan to develop an instrument as an adult, I strongly advocate that you teach it in a fun way so that it doesn’t become a career. This way, it can be enjoyed as a hobby, even in middle or elder years. If you do it in this way, it will help you learn how to learn, so you can make your music with a lot more freedom.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

This year at the Music Summit 2016, I was privileged to be invited back to the University of Toronto to talk about the new “Music for the Brain” project. I was very excited to work on this project with the brain scientists I admire most at the university. I hope that it will help scientists understand how music sounds, and can help them to create better solutions for human beings, and possibly also animals. I’m also excited to continue doing more of my workshops on how we can encourage and support young people to learn the music of nature.

“Might Makes Right” is a concept that has been in the mind of many American leaders ever since the Civil War, and it has been a staple of their political rhetoric for at least the last fifty years.

Many Americans have assumed that “might makes right” is a universal law of the world, but this cannot be so. In fact, one does not need to assume anything about “might makes right.” As the U.S. Supreme Court explained in the case of McCulloch v. Maryland in 1857: “The basic principle of law is that every man has the freedom of the individual to choose between certain acts of public policy, whether it be the carrying of the commerce of nations or of individuals or the preservation of life or liberty of individuals. These are the rights for which a State may take effect, and the rights which are forbidden, and which, as a result of this power, are subject to its restraint.”

The same law that explains this fundamental principle of law has been clearly articulated by Justice William O. Douglas, who penned his famous dissent, “The Right of the People to be secure in their Persons, Houses, papers, and Effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” We might recall

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