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The first time I learned the violin was in seventh grade when I took my first violin lessons. I was amazed how difficult it was to learn, and I just kept trying to pick it up and improve. Even through my 20s I would play a violin and be surprised by the difficulties – it had always seemed so easy to me.

You’re a fan of learning. What’s something you like to learn – a new instrument, music theory, etc?

I tend to learn something new and go back to it again and again. One instrument in particular is the violin, because the way I play the instrument is the way that I learn most – it’s all about rhythm. Once you do that, it becomes a more fluid piece of music, and that becomes my favorite kind of music to learn.

What’s the difference between a piano, recorder and the violin?

The instrument that I play the most in my life is the violin. I can play it almost anywhere, and I always come back to it first.

Do you feel that playing the violin is the same as in music school?

I feel like music school teaches you a lot of the basics of the instrument. But when you start to really get into working on the fundamentals, it’s really a different experience. Even though I play the violin in public, and it’s something I enjoy doing, with my friends I can play a few things. There is definitely a learning curve.

Do you have any advice on taking the violin to the next level?

Practicing every day. But not just the physical process of playing in front of a mirror trying to memorize a piece, but actually practicing with it in your hands – not just the right hand or the left hand.

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What music do you listen to when working out? Like how do you choose which instrument to go to for that specific exercise? Would you say you prefer classical or modern music to any other instrument?

In terms of music I listen mainly to classical, but I love listening to any kind of music! I love jazz, metal, jazz fusion, whatever.

Do you have a favorite composer, or any other artists you enjoy listening to that inspired you?

I like to listen to many artists, but as an instrument player, I can only do so much! But if one day I see someone like Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder come out, that’s pretty much all I ever listen to.


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