What is the hardest instrument to learn? – How To Learn How To Play The Guitar Youtube Lessons

“Mostly the piano. The reason why we don’t have any other guitar players in our band is because we really want to learn the piano. I’m sure when I’m dead the keyboard is going to become extinct too, so I guess it’s going to become a non-event.

Is it weird to play guitar in a band when no-one’s playing it?

That would be the oddest thing.

Has anyone ever told you you shouldn’t do something because you can’t do it, or because it’s too hard?

I don’t think so. I’ve never needed to be told that. The problem is a lot of people just want you to do things that are impossible.

Why do you think you play the way you play?

Because I have a lot of passion. It’s what I want to do. My musical development has been based around the idea of wanting to express myself on the instrument.

I read from Wikipedia that you’re 6’7″ You are right but the average is only 3″ and people always ask, “What do you get when you cross a 6’7″ with a 3″er?” I think a lot of people assume that I am 5’8″ and I think that’s ridiculous. I’m probably about 5’9″ if I’m exaggerating.

Are there any people who think you are too thin?

I don’t really think many people think that but obviously they get upset when they see me.

What do you plan to do when you die?

I think I’m taking the idea of “I will not be resuscitated by my body to a place of power beyond my physical body” which is the most powerful thing that I can conceive of.

You used the word “Power” but it doesn’t seem to have a specific meaning.

That’s true but I can also imagine that it means that I would try to change the course of society as I am in my personal life. It’s not something abstract. It would have to be a lot of things.

Do you have any plans of leaving the band? If so, what will you do?

No, I don’t really care at this point. I think people who feel more strongly about a band are the ones that don’t care about the band.

When do you plan to die?

When I’m not a guitar player anymore. Or when

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