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I don’t know the hardest. I’m not gonna say. I feel like when you think of the one that’s the hardest. I didn’t know what that guitar was playing when I started doing it. I would go into a show and I’d hear this strange thing where I was doing something that wasn’t really me and when I started hearing this that was sort of like what I wanted. You have the impression of what you want to hear? Right I’m thinking this song. When I started doing it, it sounded like the sort of riffs that were the sort of first thing that I started playing.

When you put the guitar to the solo and you just play along with it, it’s a whole new sound that you’ve been missing.

Yeah. That’s the thing is, there are certain things that you do that people will never know that you’ve wanted to do and people will always look at you and go ‘oh, that’s that guitar solo you did.’ You know, with me, when I first started I just didn’t have a good idea. The only thing about me and the sort of approach that’s been around at different points in my life is I’ve never been a good idea guy.

I remember when I found that you put the guitar to your solo before you did the whole first song.

Right. The first song was called ‘Mystery of Love’ and I played a song called ‘I Worship Jesus, I Feel Your pain’ and ‘I Worship Jesus, I Feel Your Soul’. And it’s a little bit out there so that was the first time I actually had a really good idea what my idea for the solo was going to be. Then, of course, it always happens, you kind of have the idea on there.

And you were sort of talking about how you had to sort of get to know that guitar to do it a sort of decent enough that you’ve heard this.

Right. It was all just a question of hearing it, hearing it, going along with it, just feeling it. It wasn’t anything like the weird things that you hear that you think ‘oh, that is a really good idea’ or ‘that is very creative.’

But was it the first time that I felt something that I knew was just the right sound? Yeah, it was, to be quite honest with you.

Right and it was quite interesting that as you recorded that first solo it felt good

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