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I don’t know how to answer that question. How much time should I spend in your studio and what does that look like? It’s too early to tell, what’s the best way I can think of that I can get through all that that’s in my head? My heart is beating fast. I’m in the same situation right now that everybody’s in when they’re going to start learning a new song and you’re just gonna throw everything at it. If you listen to any song in the past, I’m like, I’m not sure if this is really the way that I’m gonna learn it or I’m just gonna take it from a song by a band that used to play on radio stations in the 90’s, and then I’m just gonna be like, “Oh yeah, those guys.” That’s how I feel about that. You’re just gonna go through a song, you don’t really have to think much about it. I’m sure it’s gonna take a bit of time. You know, it’s probably never gonna take as long, but it’s going to take as long as it takes to reach the place where it would be appropriate. Do you have a favorite studio record and why?

Oh, yeah, I really had a good time recording that. That recording and that one too. I’ve actually recorded a few records in there and I still hold that, and I feel really good about it. And that one I think in some ways is even better than the other one, the sound of that one is a bit tighter, a bit more natural sounding, and I think you guys hear that a little bit more now than people did back then because the whole mix is different. I know now some things are going to sound a lot better, and it’s just gonna be that mix, everything else will be the same, and it’s just gonna be that album.

Any plans on recording with the Rolling Stones at the end of this tour?

Yeah. Maybe. Oh, they’re just working on some songs right now, I guess, and they’re gonna keep on working. Maybe they’ll come out a few times to do what they do and then I get to sing it.

What do you prefer on stage?

I like singing in front of a full crowd, and when I do sing on a stage, that’s kinda how the bands that I worked with and toured with before me would sing, so that’s where I think the differences,

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