What is the fastest way to learn a song on guitar? – Guitar Learning Basics

I think the best practice method is to find something that’s “easy” to learn and to work your way up. Sometimes we like to look at a song or another instrumental and say, “That’s easy to learn, let’s practice this one.” Well, for me, playing through an E major blues is easy. It can be done in a minute or 12 minutes, but it’s still fun, it’s still enjoyable, it’s not so hard that it might hinder learning future instrumental parts! And I mean that in a funny way, I mean that that is the reason why I write so much guitar: for my enjoyment, for enjoyment of learning and for enjoyment of playing.

How about other instrumentals (acoustic, drums/percussion, or anything else) that you enjoy learning?

Well, I’m very big into singing. I like singing so much! But other than that, I know that one doesn’t necessarily make one “better” in any area. If you’re more interested in singing than you are in guitar, you’ll end up having a much more enjoyable time on both. And for some of us who spend more time on drumming, we are more interested in singing. So I guess you can take whatever area interests you, and give up guitar—in the end, it’s a lot more fun!

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