What is the best age to learn guitar? – Learn To Play Guitar Beginner Online Free

The best age for learning guitar is 10+. Many of the best guitarists today have played guitar at age 10 or younger. But what about the average 10-year-old guitarist? I have to admit, the answer is not always clear. But let’s first take a look at some of the different ages in which guitarists tend to play best.

10-Year-Olds and Guitar Progression

The 10-year-old guitarist will likely be familiar with playing chords, strumming and strumming chords (with a pick), but they will not yet have developed any kind of fingering. The following are the most common chord progressions for 10-year-olds (click on the tabs to see them in full size).

C Major C D E F G A Bmaj7b5

As you can see, the fingering to be developed for playing C Major will include the first 3 notes of the chords, but will then change note order 3 times, and then come back to the “C” position in the first strum. That being said, most 10-year-olds (and younger) can pick out the major and minor triad chords very quickly, but their fretting will likely be on the 5th or the 1st string. The other note in C Major is A (which is always a C#maj7 chord to a 3rd-degree major triad).

Here’s a different progression that is likely to be used by a 10-year-old, although it is less common today. Instead of the 3 previous chord progressions, we’ll use a triad to play the C major triad. This example doesn’t have any of the notes C#maj7b5 and Bmaj7b5 in it. But the other key chords that are commonly used are E7b5, G7b5 and A7b5.

C Major Triad F A C#maj7b5 E7b5 G7b5 A7b5

The 3 notes above would be written as Cdim A C#dim, so those are the notes in this exercise. However, you can also use any of the notes below the triads to start playing any chord:

C D E F G A Bmaj7b5

In this exercise, we’re going to use an A G Bm7b5 to play a chord in the Ddim

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