What is a fair price for guitar lessons? – Learn Bass Guitar Chords Beginner

I will suggest that you think through a few basic things before asking:

1. What are the basics needed for this guitar lesson?

– There are typically four fundamental guitar skills that will be covered, all of which need to be mastered in order to play guitar effectively:

i) The foundation of guitar playing. This is the basis for all other guitar techniques that follow, such as picking, strumming, hammering, and using ear training techniques.

ii) The technique of playing a chord in a song. This is a great way of playing chords at the beginning of a song and is necessary for every song in any band.

iii) The technique of picking a tune with the sound of your finger. This is the single most important part of any music lesson.
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iv) The technique of hammering a chord from your mouth. This is the essence of all guitar soloing (no matter how good your playing might be).

v) The techniques of strumming and guitar soloing. Together these methods allow you to master a wide range of techniques for a variety of songs and music styles.

2. What is the range of these tasks available to you?

– This is very important. A limited range will always mean you won’t get the necessary practice to learn the skills. If you are not using your time effectively to explore all the skills, then how can we expect you to master them?

If you want to master the “keyboard skills” that are necessary for guitar solos, it requires that you practice them in a different environment (a practice room, a guitar studio, etc.). In other words, a limited range of these tasks will be necessary in order for you to master the basics.

If you want to teach a newbie how to strum a chord with his fingers, it will require the same amount of time. The same is true for teaching someone how to hammer a chord, hammering, or strumming, or even teaching a person how to learn about melody.

What is the minimum commitment?

There is a pretty high threshold you have to pass here. Unless it is an extremely intensive gig, this is probably something that will take anywhere from 2-3 hours a day to be truly effective. If my advice is correct and you want to learn to play guitar and also teach a class or two, chances are it will need at least 30-60 hours/week or more.

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