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# 1) A Minor – this is an easy one for most anyone to learn. If you have a beginner’s guitar (a guitar that hasn’t been taught how to play guitar) it doesn’t really count.

You might have to practice a few times to get the hang of it, but eventually you’ll be able to play a note as well as you can with this chord. If you think about it, any guitar chord changes are pretty much the same. Just change the scale to another note. That kind of thing.

# 2) D Major – This chord is probably more commonly known as the major chord. D is the middle note of the dominant scale (same notes as #1). D is the note that makes the chord major (just as the A# is a different note than A/B). You’ll be able to play this chord pretty quickly when you’ve got some confidence in your playing.

# 3) C Minor – This is a pretty simple chord, and it’s not easy to actually play it without some understanding of how the chords sound on your guitar. It can sound like something out of the Minor Pentatonic, but this is one of those chords that can take a while to learn to play with confidence.

# 4) E Minor – In order to have a Major chord going on in a minor key (like D), you need to have a minor chord going on in that key. And E is just one of those ones.

But once you get the hang of it, it’s not too difficult to start playing it.

These are some of the most commonly misused guitar chords, and they’re not only the most popular chords but also the most important ones.

The next four are the ones that I think are overrated, and they’re why. They’re usually too common to be in a list of three, and if you listen to them all, they sound different from one another, and they’re just boring. But they might play a crucial part of the band. Here on The Guitar Chords 101, if we talk about the key of E Minor (from G#2 to G#9), we’ll talk about the other two as well.

The guitar chord progression you learn when playing an E Minor chord (one note off the E Minor key) is usually something like this:


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Here, your first step is to take the E Minor chord and place

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