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Why did Chris put up with such great stuff? Why is it difficult to pick up?

“It is, actually, rather difficult to pick up on guitar. It’s not a bad trick, it’s actually relatively easy, when you get the right mindset – you can play anything you want and it’ll work. But the challenge is that when you start playing your own music, it’s not like the ‘songs’ are that easy to play. It’s like the guitar solo that ‘Billy Preston’ sang. It’s not easy to start playing your own guitar and ‘Billy Preston’ has his own little way that he goes. Sometimes I think, ‘I can sit around doing nothing!’ You can learn to think outside of the box. You can make a song, you can make a song and then sing it live, that is an interesting challenge because you have to think outside of that box.”

I think I’m seeing what Chris must be thinking.

“You are. But that is only a challenge, to be honest.”

“It’s just learning to think outside the box.” It’s one I hear often, with an accompanying “why?”

“Yeah, I feel that.

And you don’t just have to learn to play an instrument; you also have to learn to think outside of the box or do something different. And we’re not just here to sing, we have to think as well.”

“Right, I know. You said it yourself earlier, ‘Oh, I don’t like singing.’

“There’s something to be said for it, but it’s just, of course, a lot harder for a singer to sing, so how many can sing? And if you’ve got that kind of talent, which is rare, you’re still a different kind of person. You’re still a different person.

“I don’t know, how do you feel? Are you proud of yourself?”

“Oh, absolutely, I’m really proud of myself.”

For me, I was thinking something like, is the singer one of the greatest of all time? It’s a tough one, actually.

“But yeah, I’m proud of the fact that I’m a singer. Of course I am.”

“We never say never. So do you want to do something else, Chris?”

“Well, you wouldn’t want to do it for very long though. I don’t know – I

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