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How Old Are You?

The answer to this question is, of course, a lot different than you might expect. After all, a lot of young kids are very bad guitar players.

But there’s a big difference between being bad and being over-qualified.

Just like there’s a big difference between “a good musician” and “an excellent one.”

A young player who is very good but doesn’t know what they’re doing probably isn’t going to be a good musician. For all he or she knows, they could be practicing for the wrong scales, and that could be extremely dangerous.

So there are some things you can do at 30 that will help increase your chances of becoming a good player.

You Need:


Great technique

Good technique

And a good set of books on the subject.

A good set of books on the subject is a must! You just aren’t going to be a good player unless you practice for at least 5 months.

So I recommend you check out a few books I’ve written, or get a free PDF copy of my new eBook. If you’re not already going to be putting in the time, go learn some new skills.

Here are some tips for making guitar learn at a more advanced level:

Create your own scales

You have to create your own scales.

By setting new notes on the fretboard, and creating harmonics — harmonics that are added to notes that already exist — your fingers and your ears begin to “read” the new notes.

This is a very important skill when you first start learning guitar.

Once you have new notes on the fretboard, you can start to recognize new types of chords. This is just an example:

A chord might sound like this:

C# Eb F# G

Or this:

Eb G A

The fact that your ears have a hard time making sense of it all is a good thing. It also means the more you add harmonics to a chord, the more you can actually relate to the chord because they start to sound familiar. So the more harmonics you add, the better able you’ll be to recognize chords with higher pitch.

I also like to have new and original melodies on the fretboard. They sound great and can be a great aid as you practice learning a new guitar scale.

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