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18 years is the age to become a guitar instructor/musician. The main reason is you know a bit more about the instrument, you have spent some more time playing. That’s why if we would like to have you teaching, we encourage you to stay with one area and do a beginner’s course. Your teaching level will be in our best interest to not to risk your future in playing. The best thing is to stay with a group of like minded, friendly people, so you are always prepared to play. If you are really good, we will let you become a teacher/musician after you have completed an initial year.
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To join our classes, you must be 18 years of age or older.

In addition, if you are teaching someone else, we ask that you be a good neighbor as well.

If you are currently volunteering at the clinic or have experience, you may apply for a temporary teaching position.

How can I become a certified teacher

If you are interested in learning guitar, come to the clinic and speak to the instructor.

Our instructors are certified guitar teachers. They have experience and knowledge in teaching music, including singing. They offer a wide range of music, but also include acoustic guitar, banjo and other music. With your own training and knowledge in music to begin, we are delighted to welcome you to the music clinic!

If you would like to become a professional guitar instructor or if you are currently training at our clinic, please fill out our online application at the top. Please be sure to mention your current school name and the date and place where you will be trained.

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