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The average fee of $250 per hour for a basic lesson is higher than most colleges’ advertised prices. An open-source program called GuitarExpert, an open-source web site, has estimated the cost of a $250 guitar lesson based on a 12-hour course. On the same basis, the online Guitar Center site reports that courses on the guitar can cost more than $600.

I’ll start out by saying that I am absolutely obsessed with what’s been happening at The Washington Post, but let’s dig a little deeper (and back) before we get carried away. First, that this new wave of journalism is coming from the left. Not in the sense that everyone at The Post is leftist, but in the sense that the whole place has gone nuts at the thought of having a liberal in their masthead. How crazy is that? As the Washington Post’s own Jim Rutenberg put it, “Our mission is to be the liberal news aggregator.” If the paper can’t have him or her at the top, they at least have to have a person like Rutenberg to keep the paper together, along with the right-wing writers who write for it. Also, this is happening before The Post had to start hiring new editors for print — it hired Michael Gerson in 2013, after he had been the editor of the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute since 2001. Gerson has been talking the talk, and his new gig at the Post has nothing to do with his political leanings, except, perhaps, that he is writing on a subject that many editors just cannot think of anymore. And yes, some of The Washington Post’s right-wing writers (like William Kristol and Richard Cohen) may well be a little worried about that. But when Gerson has become the leading conservative writer on the paper, we’ve been talking some serious talk about the future of the paper. And I can tell you, the talk among the Washington Post’s old-guard staff right now is of a very, very different atmosphere than what it was under the previous editorial team of David Broder, Jim Kuhn and Tom Donohue. If that’s the new atmosphere, then let me offer this advice to The Post and the rest of journalism: stop being the conservative newspaper, and start being a news organization.

G.D.S.: The idea that one side is to blame for the other. That’s the way I would interpret the reaction to your newsroom reshuffle of writers and editors. I would argue the

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