How much do guitar lessons cost per hour? – How To Learn Guitar Fast

Every month you’ll make £30 on average, depending on your learning style and experience level. You’ll also enjoy access to a host of great teachers, including Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Who is this for and why should I apply?

Whether you’re a beginner needing to learn to play an instrument or are in search of a music tutor to help you on your guitar journey, this site is the place for you. It contains over 200 songs to practice with and videos and interactive audio courses on different guitar styles and techniques.

The Guitar Hero Academy is run by the Rock Band team at Harmonix, and the Rock Band franchise has reached over 1.8 million players worldwide including 1.4 million registered users.

Are lessons available for UK residents?

The Guitar Hero Academy is a one-to-one course designed to teach the fundamentals of guitar techniques in a way that’s fun for you. The lessons are a mix of video and interactive sessions, with audio tracks to accompany guitar lessons, but you can take any of the 100+ guitar lessons offered and use them in any combination that you wish.

Where will I pay for the lessons?

Once enrolled, you’ll be offered a free download of the full curriculum in order to get started; however, for a small fee you’re also given access to the Rock Band and Guitar Hero online courses on the same terms.

C Sharp - D Flat Major Six Guitar Chord Diagrams
Are payment options available?

There are a range of payment options for Guitar Hero Academy, including PayPal, Google Wallet & APay, but we’d like to extend our thanks to our fantastic sponsors as well as PayPal: Rock Band, Apple Music, Sony Music Entertainment and

What if I need to book my lessons?

If you’re not already enrolled as a student in the Guitar Hero Academy, you’ll need to create an account to be able to book lessons.

Do I need a band to get on, you ask?

No, you just need to own a guitar. There are a number of ways for you to get started; we’ll be working around the clock to fill in any requirements if needed, while also supporting you in making the most out of your guitar learning experience, and our teachers will be on hand to provide you with a wealth of advice.

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