How many months does it take to learn guitar? – How Long To Learn Bass Guitar Reddit

We recommend a minimum of 2 months for all lessons. To find out more please check our lessons.

Are there extra costs?

We will cover any extra costs related to the course. Please visit our lesson fees page for more details.

Where can I listen on?
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We’re excited to show you our music through our official YouTube channel:

Can I record the lessons?

Yes! You can do the lesson recordings over here!

The world has known a lot about China’s Internet censorship since 2015, when the government decided to clamp down on social media accounts and search engine data. But for most of 2017, we have barely heard a peep about China’s censorship. In fact, when it came time to cover the U.S. election in January, many news outlets were still working on covering the controversy without even mentioning it.

Even after last fall’s disclosures about National Security Agency spying on U.S. citizens, the country’s Internet industry remained largely silent about the latest crackdown. This silence is due, in part, to China’s censorship rules.

China’s Internet censorship rules were just released by the government in early September as a result of widespread public protests and media coverage of the controversy, according to a list published on the Chinese Internet regulator’s website.

The newly published guidelines allow authorities to ban or block a wide variety of content and information without prior notice. The list contains more than 50 “broad categories of content that could incite the public disorder.” Here are just 10 of the categories:

Censorship of “controversial political, religious and intellectual matters” (e.g., political party debates and propaganda).

Censorship of “sensitive content” regarding national security.

Censorship of “tense situations, and other matters that could affect national stability.”

Censorship of “insensitive content” about “sensitive information about individuals.”

Censorship of “political, religious or other controversial topics and related subjects”

The most notable rule on “sensitive content” concerns sensitive information that could incite the public disturbance, including sensitive information about people or events. According to the regulation, this information must only be allowed when it’s necessary for the public order, “security or public security.”

In this case, “security” clearly meant “national security” — the very definition of which China has a heavy hand in imposing.

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