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The answer is “several hours. If it’s a hard day, don’t practice too much. If you only practice for an hour a day, you’re not going to be much better. The longer you practice, the better you’re at it.”

Some of the best players in the world are those who make time for practice. Many guitarists are so busy with their normal jobs and everyday stress that they neglect guitar-practice time – especially if they think of it as some kind of punishment. This is usually not the case with serious players: the more you practice, the more you improve and the less you have to work to improve. In most cases, practicing for an hour a day or more is more worthwhile than practicing only on the weekends. In terms of learning technique, the most common mistake is to “feel the beat” – not to play and play and play. You’re not really feeling something, you’re just playing. If your playing is good enough, it will sound great on your amplifier. If not, you can adjust.

Do you practice music with other musicians?

When you sit down to play something new, you’ll learn a lot more by getting out of your regular everyday routines. You’ll also develop more discipline. If you have a band, you’ll want to play together. If you have a band or two, try to meet up and play regularly. In many ways it’s the reason why you want to practice in the first place; you’re getting the chance to meet and practice with other guitarists.

“I try not to get into the habit of spending a whole lot of time with other people’s ideas. I don’t want to practice guitar to be my musical teacher for others.”

Sometimes, you can learn great music more quickly and easily with a good friend – especially if you’re playing together, or in a band. And even in a solo practice, if you can play with someone else’s ideas, that’s more useful than just playing your own. You can play your songs, which usually makes you a better player, and you’ll gain some valuable points from playing together. It’s important to look for opportunities whenever you can: it’s also good practise to play to the best of your ability with your best friend, especially as you get closer together. When you practice with other people, you’ll get to know the best ideas and you’ll develop a sense of harmony, which will lead you to discover the way that you and your

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