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Here’s a handy chart.

It is a chart of the chords you need to have memorised.

I’ve written down my own guitar chords, but most of these may be used if you have a better approach to them already.

If you are looking for a guitar solo, read on.

You should always have one chord and a key.

So, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to the following basic chords as ‘A’, ‘B’ and then ‘C’.

And here’s an example of a simple guitar passage.

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I’m Sorry

You are playing ‘I’m sorry’. What’s your first chord here?

If it’s A, it is A C D E G.

Next is an open A chord A E F#.

Next is an A chord D F#, again with a slight G under the root.

Finally, there is an A chord E, again with G under the root.

The same chord changes in A minor on the other side of the bass.

Now, as far as that chord is concerned, if you play the A chord in A minor. that means you would be playing a chord in G major. That’s because, if you take the second E string of your guitar and apply it to the E-string, or the A-string of the guitar, it creates a third chord.

You could of course switch notes and have the chords be in G minor, but that leaves you open to the possibilities of the rest of the song.

Now, with the last two of these five chords taken into consideration, we’ve covered the A standard chord system.

We’ve now done the open A, open E, D major and you’re left with just the A minor chord.

This can be played using two fingerings. Firstly, a single finger and then, on each note, a double.
1000 Guitar Chords PDF to download

The first note of the first fret of the second string of your guitar should be in the key of D major in which case there would be a D minor chord.

This does not necessarily have to be A minor, the second finger can be D minor or a C major chord.

Or you could just choose something that sounds good in D major.

Once you have the first note of the second fret, then the note which corresponds with the note below the second, play it at

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