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I started using the guitar as a teaching tool at age 9. I started by learning chords on the guitar in high school and then studied them on a daily basis for years after high school so I was actually learning the guitar as I was playing it.

I started playing guitar at age 14 and have played at least 600 shows with all the major studios. My favourite guitar is my Taylor Made Red Mustang.

How do you make money?

My main source of income is freelance guitar teaching, but I do the bulk of my own publishing, production and booking.

If I ever have too much money, or it becomes too hard for me to pay all the bills, then I have a lot of extra cash to go out and do things I like to do (solo guitar workshops, solo guitar gigs, film soundtracks, etc.)

And as always, a lot of my spare money goes towards making music, so there isn’t any shortage of material at the moment.

What do you study in Music?

I study music composition at university and in the band, and that’s about it because I never had any formal music studies.

Is there a different way to study music compared to a typical course?

Absolutely! I always try to take some form of music I love, whether it be guitar, piano, cello, violin, trumpet.

If I learn something new, it’s not unusual to make a new piece and then I do it over and over again. For example when I started teaching and playing in music, I would write and compose new pieces of music every week.

I’m very busy, so it’s very important that I get stuff done when I can. But if I could get everything done, then I would still be stuck in my car for a year.

You know if you give yourself a chance to do that and go out into the world, you will find yourself getting sucked back into what most music professionals call their ‘comfort zone,’ in a way, which means they will still be getting inspired for years to come.

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Are there any music industry people who you really respect?

Yes! My heroes were Michael Stipe, Johnny Marr and Robert Plant!

What is it about guitar players that really fascinates you?

I love guitar players, but not too much because you can’t see into the soul, but too much because of the physicality. I remember getting up in

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