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One word for you: patience. Your first time learning a musical instrument is almost as exciting as learning to ride a horse, or drive a car. The learning curve, or learning speed, will vary. We can expect to reach first years in their early twenties with piano, piano teacher training and other lessons. A beginner can hold their own with highly capable teachers and with the more experienced students of our day or age (and we should all be grateful for that fact!). In between, one can find the help of a “cheap but decent” piano teacher. This is also the time when many beginners start to develop the sense of their playing as an instrument (what might once have been seen as an expression or technique, such as a “chord” in musical theory). They learn to control the fingering or rhythm of a key while learning to think and play with their feet (i.e. using the body and body parts as their primary playing devices).

As one’s interest in the instrument grows and one learns to play the piano correctly, the amount of time it takes to learn the piano will also change. After only years on the piano in the early twenties, a first keyboard player is now playing at the same level as a highly skilled pianist.

How do I build a music career?

Building your piano playing career starts well before you learn music theory with a keyboard. Many people believe it is possible to “follow your passion”. It is in fact NOT possible. Building a singing career has been achieved at all levels of experience. It takes practice, persistence and the desire to follow your passion.

If you are interested in learning to sing and recording singing or other singing or instrumental music, a piano teacher is an excellent option. Or if you are an accomplished musician, you can try out a few bands or groups for yourself.

If you are interested in becoming an electric violinist, an instrument that requires much more attention to technique than any other instrument, our company offers our professional staff who are proficient in playing all types of electric instruments.

As an accompanist, we have many professionals available to play on your behalf. You will find the services we offer are not only professional but very cost effective.

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