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The first step is knowing how to play guitar. That takes practice, but it is really important! Even the most accomplished players sometimes drop the ball in this regard.

You should play with an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish; for example, you should know that your guitar will sound good if played with a fast tempo, or that you will not “feel” things in certain places on your instrument.

After some time, you will learn what “feels” right but also what doesn’t – especially when you learn that what you have heard as “right”, is actually less wrong than the way we interpret what seems “correct”. For instance, in a live situation you might be in your right ear or your left ear or your feet. But you’re not hearing the exact details of your hands, you’re hearing what is right or wrong.

You learn some of the “rules” about what sounds good and what doesn’t and why (you should only play what sounds good to you). It is not necessary to know these things at the outset, as you could always do this after you’ve started learning a new instrument.

When you know you are playing the right sound, you can start to play the notes quickly. But this is only if you can’t see clearly, or if you can’t follow them with an accurate finger on the strings.

When you can see clearly, the notes move quickly – and it doesn’t matter if the notes are fast or slow. But this does not stop you from moving the fingers fast in a steady motion as you play on a chord in a particular key.

You should always know when you are in good position and when you are out of position (this one is really easy!).

You should also know when you’re making a mistake. That is what a guitar teacher is for!

Some of you think that learning guitar is too hard. But I disagree with you. Not because learning guitar is too hard, but because, as you already know, playing guitar is something that involves concentration, planning, practice and learning.

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As you will soon see, that’s not something you will “get” on your own!

If you want to be great at the guitar, you will be able to do it, regardless of your background or experience. I remember the first time I had the good fortune to meet a musician who is still playing guitar after so many years: he was playing just to be able to play

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