How long does it take to learn guitar professionally? – Crazy Mary Learn Guitar Youtube

1 to 2 years.

Can I learn guitar at home?


Can I learn music technology?

Yes. If you’re a student or professional musician, and you’re interested, you can learn the basics of how to use computers.

I don’t have any computer science skills. Can I learn this to make a career out of learning music?

No. But you’re more likely to improve your education.

What’s the difference between a “newbie” and a “prodigy”?

The difference can be hard to grasp at first, but all beginners can learn a few techniques.

How do I become a professional musician?

The hard part is finding qualified music teachers, as well as practicing to help you acquire skills.

What should I study if I want to become a guitar pro in the future?

If you’re a serious student and want to start becoming the best guitar player in the world at the ageof 30 or 40, take a course and get started. If you don’t want to take a course right away, you may find other ways to practice with the guitar. The same applies to music technology.

What’s my limit?

It depends on your personal goals. Some people are only capable of playing basic scales and patterns, or maybe even singing. If you’re looking to make the most of your musical talents at a young age, you need to be able to play all the notes, and that requires a lot of practice.

Where do I go to start becoming a professional musician?

A number of different classes exist, and they typically cost between $30 and $100 a week; but it might be best to look into your area and check out some courses before starting a course.

What do I look for in a music teacher?

The job of a music teacher is a very interesting one. For one thing, you’re doing something very important to society. Not only can you teach people how to play and produce great music, you can also teach the rest of us how to do it. Music education is the key to all of our futures.
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When considering a music teacher, make sure to ask:

Do you have any experience teaching people?

Are you trained in music theory?

Do you have enough professional music experience to teach the subjects that you’ll discuss?

Have you ever been in the studio playing music?

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