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I think it’s very easy to get better at guitar. I have a general feeling if you put more time in you’re gonna grow as a musician. I’m getting better at playing and the more people that are playing with me the better I feel.

What instrument have you been into the most since you started making music?

You know that song and that song is the thing I’m most proud of. A song is when you start going crazy and going so far off the map and that’s my favorite thing. You think of it as a song, but to me it’s more than that – it’s about that moment of going crazy.

It’s also a visual song.

Correct, I used to think it was that too, and they used to say the band was on fire (laughs). It was just an eye thing I used to have.

What about your instrumentals?

There’s two things I need with my music. One is to be able to relate to you and hear your story and it has to feel like music.

It’s a very subjective thing but like what is music? Do you play it?

Sometimes I will play it to make a point, too – you know, like if you’re talking about somebody else or a piece of art and you’re doing so well as a musician. I’ll try to make the message about whatever it is you’re looking at, and I’ll go back and listen to it again.

You’ve made two films so far this year. How’d you choose which films to make?

I always look at the scripts, and you go back and you listen to them. I’m very critical of certain aspects in films and you could say that was my choice, you know, you don’t really know what’s good in any of them, but for me it was a really interesting process to think about how they could be made. For example, for one film I’m very aware of the visual aspects, what a film is. You know, it’s a good indication when a film does well, it has to have this visual aspect or it’s not really a good film. It’s just a matter of looking at a script and looking for signs in the things that were done.

I know that when You’re the Worst came out it was criticized for the same things you’re doing, but then other writers, even the ones that didn’t say shit, it’s interesting how

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