How long does it take to learn guitar chords? – How To Learn Guitar Songs Faster

We hear that when you’re older you don’t think in terms of weeks or months but in terms of years. But, when you go back and do a guitar solo, how many years did the first chord have to be learnt from? Do you think that if you did this solo for five minutes and just learned the new chord from there that you’d be able to do the same thing in a minute and a half? You can be 10 minutes into the guitar solo and then have to think about what to do next. Do you think that this is a very long process, like when you take lessons?

When I was going through the whole process of learning guitar I was really focused on what was required, I wanted a real solid progression, and what was the melody? Where was the guitar? What did I want to do to move through the song? What was it about the solo that was going to be interesting to me? How was I going to change it? I didn’t think about anything else at all. I focused on learning each little part in sequence. It felt really great because if you get caught up on everything else you’ll just get bored too easily and not have as much fun.

When I first started learning guitar I was playing around 10 minutes of solo but if you want to do more than that it might get a bit boring. But when you look back at this progression, I feel that the solo was easy to understand and really rewarding to play after that.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this but have you considered having this progression in reverse, where a solo that starts as a minor chord becomes a major chord, and then a solo that starts as a minor chord ends as a major chord? Is this an idea that you are thinking about?

It’s an interesting idea, especially when it’s the same chord but reversed and you have them in reverse. It makes more sense and also it’s easier to hear but if you’re really good at hearing reverse you could even play reverse guitar solos, but it would be difficult for you to put a new sound into the old sound, so you’d be missing out on a lot of potential possibilities with that idea.

I like this idea because it works and it’s interesting to explore. I would like to explore that concept in future but I think that’s probably something I would need to get to a bit further into first. I think that the idea that we do here is the basis for a lot of our compositions

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