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How long does it take to know a few words of classical guitar? This is an important question, and it really depends on what kind of guitar player you are, or how good your classical education was. In my opinion, the shortest period is probably about 12 to 15 days, while that of most players is on the range from about two to three months. When playing classical, practice always means practice, practice, practice, practice, in short, as long as it feels comfortable and you are able to concentrate.

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Are there any benefits to learning a new music instrument?

For someone who has played several instruments before, learning a new instrument can be a challenge; when you want to reach a new level, you have to learn by trial and error. The advantages to learning a new instrument are the great variety, and the fact that it is easy to play in all scales, as well as all temperaments.

However, when you want to be more precise and master a new musical instrument, there are some very important differences in the way it is constructed, and thus the skill of an aspiring player is also reduced.

A lot of beginner musicians learn all the scales in one go, and this can be very frustrating. However, there are also very few scales that are difficult to obtain a good position for, and all scales can be learned quickly and easily. It is essential for beginners to know a number of scales, and to practice them on a regular basis; they will become more skilled and will become better players after they have established a proper practice routine.

How do I start a classical guitar lesson?

The first thing to do is to have a look at the classical guitar exercises that are included in the courses, which are organized in the classical guitar lessons catalogue.

These exercises can be done alone, on a piece of string guitar, or they can also be done in different order (for example, the finger exercises will be performed on one string), for different techniques and/or for more advanced students.

The more advanced students should have a look at the music lessons and the book “The Classical Guitar: A Complete Course”. This book consists of almost 500 classic and contemporary exercises for classical guitar.

What is your favourite classical guitar solo?

I am a big fan of Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto, which has been the subject of so many great concert recordings. My favourite classical guitar solo is the First Movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Conc

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