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It takes at least 10 months to develop basic skills such as reading and listening to music, and at least 10 months to perfect your songwriting skills so you can create a convincing song using any instrument.

Does it help to learn to read music?

Reading music can be a real boost to your guitar performance and overall enjoyment of any instrument. But it’s important to read lyrics and music in order to understand what is going on in the song and why it’s important to that specific part of the song.

Do I need to learn lyrics and music? How long is a song or music worth to learn?

Just like a car or dog, the longer and better your instrument, the more you’ll benefit from learning its music. A well constructed song or a fun guitar lick is worth learning every single note and strum of every solo.

Do I need to learn a song? How long do I need to play it?

You don’t need to learn a new song to enjoy it. It helps to practice and learn songs from someone who has already done so already. But some great songs have been recorded over the years without a guitar or bass in sight.

So you don’t need to learn a new song when you could be using music that is already out there and still learning. Or you could decide to learn a song that’s in a new genre instead.

Do other things help you learn songs faster?

Just like with a car, any other hobbies or activities that you enjoy and learn fast will help you with your guitar learning. You can try these before you start playing a song:

– Take off your makeup.

– Get some exercise.

– Take a walk outside.

– Buy a new guitar.

Do a bunch of cool things in this 5 steps to becoming great guitar player.

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