How do you play an F chord on guitar? – Learn Guitar Fretboard Notes

The chord is basically the “soul chord” of the chord itself plus 2 frets, so technically the root chord is technically a triad. It may be more common to play the root chord as a diminished seventh chord instead, though most guitarists stick to the 5:7:9 chord convention.

Here’s an F major triad chart and its relationship to the 5:7:9 chord:


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The key is to play as natural as possible, keeping the melody simple without overdoing it. Keep your ears open for potential changes in the tone and texture of the solo as well. If you have the chops to bring that out and/or bring out the best in your playing, it’s likely you’ll sound great on this.

I know a lot of you will probably question my approach – why bother with a triad chord chart? And I don’t even do them. But in my experience playing around with these chords is much more effective and rewarding than just playing “one note chords”. I’m not saying you have to play the notes in any way that’s “traditional”, but I can assure that you will, at better or worse, be able to bring some life and interest to your solo.

The guitar is not a toy. You can play every chord you want as you feel like, but the guitar is a tool – and that’s a great lesson for everyone.

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