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A beginners guitar requires some knowledge of different types of stringed instruments as well as the use of different strums. This section of guitar lessons is directed in getting you to pick out the right guitar for you. There are different guitar types available in many countries. If you are looking to get started with learning guitar, choose something that’s a good match for your own personality and abilities.

A Florida restaurant owner is facing a lawsuit that alleges he discriminated against gay and transgender employees because he used the term “perverted.”

John Sumpter and his restaurant, Sumpter’s Barbecue and Barbecue, posted the following on its Facebook page:

“We recently came to the realization that John Sumpter has a long history of racism, including some of the most offensive, sexist, discriminatory, and homophobic statements ever uttered.

“He has used the word perverted many times throughout his life, including when describing a waitress. He has never apologized, and in fact has never made any attempt to correct this type of behavior.”

A lawyer for Sumpter says the post was a private matter between employees that was out of his control.

The attorney for the owners of Sumpter’s Barbecue and Barbecue, Daniel Lewis, told The Associated Press that the restaurant’s owner is facing an unprecedented lawsuit from people claiming discrimination and retaliation for their right to serve and patronize a business. He said the lawsuit would be tried in state court.

Sumpter has been the owner of Sumpter’s Barbecue and Barbecue for about eight years. The bar was named after a town in the South.

Lewis said that no one at the bar is a man or a woman, except for Sumpter. If he wanted to use the word pervert as a personal insult, he shouldn’t have.

“The issue of a restaurant’s use of terminology is irrelevant,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the use of the term “perverted” was simply a way to describe the way Sumpter was talking to his employees.

“People have a right to their personal views and their personal beliefs. But he didn’t want people who came into the restaurant to have a different take on the topic, and he was going to take action,” Lewis said.

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