Can I learn to play guitar at 65? – How To Learn Guitar Chords Without Looking

The age when it is possible to become a professional musician and have success is 65. However, some children of all ages can play guitar. As most players start out as “pros,” most children age in between the ages of 11 and 15.

Can I play the guitar in a country?

Yes. Most of the music done in the country is rock music. This means most children can also play guitar which requires a little more experience. A little more experience is good, it’s only going to help. All kids should be able to hit a little higher. Many children, especially younger children can play guitar in a country if they have some time to learn and practice, but most kids need to get their start in music before they can start playing in a pop band or rock group. The best of all, is to learn the material and then be a “pro rock star” so that you can get opportunities to play with the best people in the world and still feel like you’re a little bit of a rock and roll kid.

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What are the differences between blues music and country music?

It’s quite simple really. Blues music is mostly played by African-Americans. As for country music, there are some black artists in the popular music scenes. Most of the people in these popular music scenes are white. In addition to that, the American people are divided in their perceptions of different groups of people: blacks, Hispanics, Asians (in particular Chinese and Koreans) and others. They are all treated by white America as if they were different and different groups only.

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How can I stay motivated and stay up to date on all music and stuff?

It’s a good idea to take advantage of online music blogs such as Pandora!

There are tons of free online music courses to learn as well. You can find them on or on the websites of major music companies. There are also free online lessons for new musicians at And you can usually learn the skills of singing, playing the guitar, playing the piano and many other instruments on the guitar courses as well!

So don’t be afraid of listening to CDs all day and watching TV shows all day. Be curious and try anything you can. Even if it’s a good course, try something new!

The only thing that really matters is if it works for you

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