Can I learn guitar at 45? – Holding The Guitar For Beginners


I want advice on guitar in general or anything related to music. Is there a good library of guitar advice online? No

I am very serious about learning the guitar. What do you recommend? Don’t bother. Just take my word on it. Don’t bother. Just take my word on it.

This is not a freebie. It’s not going to help you build an actual guitar and it probably won’t help you at all. I just have a general interest and want to learn the guitar as much as anyone.I am serious about learning the guitar. What do you recommend?

Not only is there no website, no forum, no free lessons, no “books” on any topic, there’s no site with any actual “information” on guitar related subjects. Just some music theory and a little bit of common sense.

If I don’t follow your suggestions, I will be doing something that will ruin the entire experience for me. I’ve made a life-long commitment to learn the guitar. Not just any guitar. I’ve become “obsessed” in the way some people may be obsessed with a sports team or a computer.

I have never been a fan of the beginner’s guide. It’s very basic in it’s information (it starts off by saying that the only three basic guitar techniques are fingering and picking, but by the time the page is done and you’ve been practicing them three days straight you will be able to play a good approximation of one of the four basic techniques.

I don’t know whether the “guidance” is in any way correct or whether there is any validity to it. I’m here to learn the guitar, I’m not here to be like Mike Stern who teaches the guitar in his free YouTube course, it’s not a lesson on anything.

You could do a lesson on every single technique in the book. That would take far more time than I have.

So, how much are we willing to pay for a quick lesson in basic guitar techniques?

If you are serious about learning guitar by watching youtube videos, or by reading and learning from books and online material it may be possible that you could do a lesson once if you get your self together enough.

The problem is that even if you can do that it’s incredibly time consuming (you’ll need to play each and every technique on every song, and do the technique perfectly in every performance…I just don’t think that

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