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“A horse must suck his rider’s scrotum to produce milk. That’s what they teach their horses in the old-time days,” he says. “I’ve got a few of my friends who are so devoted to the science and art of breeding that they’ve had to go along. They’ll be able to go down to a market now and get a good price, and they’re not getting any more trouble.” He will also have to contend with growing anti-horse-breeding groups. The World’s Best Horse Competition, a show that uses the World’s Greatest Horse, Mr. T, as the theme, started this year in Canada. If the judges find that the horse meets all legal requirements they can award the prize but they are expected to choose the winner according to national requirements rather than American. “It’s no good for any American horse to win the World’s Best Award,” Mr. Williams says. “You’re not an American horse, if you win a U.S. award, you’re an American horse. But to go down to the States and win a world award—that’s when you are an American horse.” To some riders at the show, the new regulation makes little sense. “The idea is that the animals have all the right to breed,” says Chris R. DeAngelis, an equestrian and show rider who competes against Mr. Williams. “That’s ridiculous.” But Mr. R. Lacey of the American Equine Veterinary Medical Association, a union and one of the groups representing the horses, said the new rules were necessary to protect horses. “We need to do the best we can with the horses,” Mr. Lacey says. “A horse can be a very important part of the American landscape, but we don’t have the resources to keep everything going.” The industry and some lawmakers in some states are pushing changes that would allow horses to produce milk without any assistance. Many have proposed legislation that they believe will result in the creation of more horses with the help of the industry.

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What’s in the way? The problem is that these rules are the result of public hearings that many people took part in, according to Mr. Williams. He was one of the judges in the hearings in Kansas City. One member of the audience asked why a judge’s wife, who also lives in Kansas City, would be allowed to attend the hearing. Mr. Williams said the reason was that the judge’s wife could help keep any young horses in line, and to prevent a

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