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Boat transport is often more complicated than driving a car, because a boat’s movement (called lift) can affect the weight of the vehicle in the water. That’s because an extra set of muscles working in response to a change in the weight of the vehicle can cause a boat to lift more. This is one of the reasons sailors frequently lose weight in a vessel as they use a second seat to help balance.

What causes weight-bearing injuries or fatalities?

There are many causes of injuries and deaths to horses, as well as many of the same injuries that can happen to other animals. It’s hard to pinpoint specific causes of injuries to horses because there are so many different situations involving horses — just because you lose one or two ounces of weight, it’s possible that you’d suffer from some of the same injuries as someone else that weighs a lot of pounds. The same could be said of human injuries — some horses weigh more than 10 pounds and some people can weigh several hundreds of pounds.

What can I do to give back to a horse or a person who has lost a friend?

While it may appear that most of us would be able to give a horse the care and attention she needs, this isn’t always the case. It often takes time and effort to come to terms with the loss of a pony or other companion animal, so it’s important to recognize that you aren’t alone in this.

Learn from your horse’s experience

It may be tempting to turn your horse away, but that may be a sign of depression or a lack of concern for the care and well-being of another horse, especially one that you haven’t yet bonded with. Talk with your horses’ trainers, carers and keepers — even when you’re not in the same room — about how to best handle each situation.

Reach out to a HorseCenter

One of the most important things you can do is to reach out to a local horse center to learn about how to raise a healthy pony so that you have a horse you will enjoy spending time with. There will be a lot more help and information available at your horse center!

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