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It was a common saying in the ancient world that any man who took part in a holy rite (like sacrificing) with a dead body would be given an eulogy. Phar Lap, of course, was a member of a very rich family and was thought to have been murdered after a very bloody confrontation with his uncle, Gaius, who was the leader of the temple and the wealthy patron of the high priest.

It was not until the death of Herod in 4 BCE, however, that the details of what exactly transpired became available to historians. It’s said that the body of the slain Phar Lap was found covered in blood, in a pool of which a dog was later found dead, its tongue cut out and a number of wounds, including a cut-out ear and an injury to its nose. The incident was seen as an attempt on his life by the high priest and others, and that Gaius was in his company. However, no one was able to identify or arrest Gaius.

What does the Bible say?

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The Bible claims that Gaius was a wealthy citizen of Jerusalem and a close family friend of Herod and his wife, Queen Julia. According to the Bible, a mob of about 2,000 Romans broke into the temple and massacred the high priest, his wife and their maid. The Temple guard then led the remaining Jews outside, where Gaius was surrounded.

He was murdered by the mob with the help of a dog which was a type of lion. Some say the dog bit Gaius while others say the lion did the deed through his nose. Gaius’ body was then covered up with the money given to him by the high priest for that day (about two-thirds of the Temple treasury’s gold and silver).

Who killed Jesus?

Jesus’ body was put to rest with his relatives in the tomb. Herod and some Roman officials decided to open the tomb prematurely so they could kill Jesus while he was still in the tomb. On October 27, Herod ordered the high priest, Peter, and the members of his bodyguard, the two brothers Herod and Joas, to go in first. This had the effect of delaying Jesus’ burial.

So who is the resurrected Christ and can he be the Messiah?

To understand why the Bible is written in that order, we must first understand the Biblical meaning to the matter and also to its historical reality. For example, it is often thought that the

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