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There was a time when my father would have me and my brothers, as well as many of my friends, go to the funeral of their fallen friends. But now we are all dead. Now my siblings and I are scattered all across the land where my father once was. This is where I lost my brother. A long time ago, a man named Phar Lap was executed for murder. The men on the street knew him as a man who stole copper for his family, but Phar Lap was not the man he was accused of stealing from. When he was arrested, they let him free on a promise to let him meet a friend at the courthouse. Phar Lap arrived when he was late, and when he went to meet with this friend he was met with an executioner, who ordered him to strip himself down naked and stand face-down to die. One of the executioners, called Denn, had a dagger with him at all times and would have used it to cut his neck but was stopped by the executioner that was behind him. Once again, Phar Lap was standing naked and faced down the executioner that was holding the dagger. His last words were “Don’t kill me!” When the executioner realized he was dead, he called out his final farewell. “Do not kill me! I’ve suffered enough!”

“The last words of one man may be the last words to hear of a human being.” -Cyrus Vance (A Farewell To Arms, The Dead of Winter). “When there is no longer any hope in human life, then the dying will no longer say ‘You will never know me.’ Instead, they will say ‘No man has ever loved me this much again.'” -Pyrrhus, King of the Huns

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It is very important to note that death in the realm of the Dead is NOT permanent. When a person dies in the realm of the Dead, they do not lose their body, but their spirit. The spirit remains with their dead person until the person is reunited with the realm of the Dead and the Dead’s own flesh is reborn again. The Dead believe that the first Death is eternal, and they hope to find “the Last Man” in order to bring him back to life and to complete the cycle. This is a belief, not a doctrine or law, and it is not necessary to adhere to the beliefs of the Dead. However, it is strongly suggested to all who wish to do so, as it represents the most important part of their existence in

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