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I am a graduate student doing an online research article on The New Yorker. I am also a former student of this magazine who did a thesis on The New Yorker which I now use to make some statements about the content of the issue I’m working on. I have two pieces of writing I am working on at the same time, an essay on the subject of pornography and an essay that takes the subject of pornography out of the context of the article I already have. This is why I am trying to make both pieces simultaneously, one on porn as a culture and the other one on porn as a society.

The Pornography of the New Yorker Article:

A few years ago, my colleague in the New Yorker, a feminist journalist, took a very different approach to the topic of pornography and presented the subject as an issue about women rather than men. The essay I am working on is titled What is Porn?, or was that An Enigma? (The title is intended for the reader to visualize the essay’s title, which the writer hopes is not so obvious, not to reveal the article’s intention and not to draw attention away from the main idea.) I agree that women are the ones that are most affected by pornography and I am trying to be as sensitive as possible in my arguments on the topic. One can argue very well about this subject and I do not claim to be the ultimate feminist. But what I am hoping, and have hoped since that writing was published, is that people who would read it would come away not seeing pornography as a society’s problem, but as a problem of men and women. In the essay I’m working on at the same time, I am working on the nature of female desire in the age of the internet. At the forefront of our culture is an age of internet pornography, which creates in both men and women an extremely low threshold for sexual fantasy, a low barrier to entering into male-female erotic encounters, and a very low threshold for experiencing the full depth of a woman’s sensual desires. The essay I am working on also proposes the concept of pornography as a disease in a society where the medical establishment has not recognized the presence of such a disease in the human body and whose medical practitioners have not recognized the role of desire as a driver of sexuality. These propositions are

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