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The most popular races are the ones that have the largest numbers of citizens and therefore the largest number of potential candidates to run on in the elections.

You know what does have a huge population? That’s the United States of America. That’s the most numerous voting population. The United States has a population greater than 2 billion, we see, which means that this is probably the most important country in the world today. If you ask me, the United States of America is the main economic system in the world.

How many political representatives?

The United States has at least 547, or more than 3.5 million, and counting. This means that we have in the United States an enormous number of political representatives.

And the population of New York City: how many people live there?

We already heard that there is a total of 3.7 million citizens in New York City. The population of NYC is, I would say, 3.7 million.

When are elections?

It’s about two weeks before the end of November. We’ll say by the middle of September.

By the election?

By the election. The election will last eight weeks or until after the election, usually. As of now it will last until end of September.

Tell us about elections in the United States. What would be a good time to vote?

All of the United States election campaigns are very interesting and have something for everybody: candidates, parties, parties by their leaders, campaigns by political movements. They are good times to vote. And the most important thing would be that there would be at least two parties, maybe the National Party and the Labor Party.

The National Party has a history of trying to have the best of both worlds. It supports the parties. There is no political movement which doesn’t support the political parties. Because otherwise who would do the bidding of the unions or the corporations or the political parties.

The Labor Party is a smaller political party that actually stands for working people. It advocates working people’s rights, the rights of the workers. They are called people’s parties in the United States, or party of the people. The term “political” in the United States is not just used for elections, but more so, the term “political parties” means a political party that has the largest number of citizens.

We also want at least three parties. We can only have one party. One party of course

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