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You may find an answer to this question in the speed ratings and speed requirements of the horses listed on the Horses and Equestrians’ Association (H.E.A).

How fast would a horse go?

It depends. The best speed at which a horse may run is determined by its body type, size, and age. For example, it takes a large horse a lot more energy to reach 30 miles per hour than it does to reach 20 miles per hour.

Is it easy to train my horse to run fast?

Yes, it is easy to train your horse to run fast. Follow these steps, in the next section:

I’m a big fan of free enterprise. So I was excited when I saw that a new book, called “The Free Enterprise Revolution,” came out this month by Thomas Sowell. It discusses, in a very simple way, a model of economic freedom in which government does as little as possible. “The Free Enterprise Revolution,” if you don’t know any of its names, is one in a series of books the right-wing thinker has authored over the years.

The “The Free Enterprise Revolution” is the third book in this series: “The Collapse of Growth” was published earlier this year; “The Economic Consequences of the War on the Dream” appeared in 2009. Since 2007, Sowell has written eight works on the role of government and capitalism in modern life and how those systems work, sometimes very clearly and sometimes not so clearly.

I had been reading about Sowell for some time, and I had read and re-read some of his writings. But never had I seen his ideas so eloquently and succinctly presented.

Sowell, 56, also has three books pending publication. But he says he can’t wait to complete his last book, “The End of History,” which is due out in May 2015. He has more to say in the interview that follows.

You’ve written about America’s history of economic growth. Can you explain what it is that makes an economy free?

I think, for example, in a very simple way, an economy is free if it’s just the people — if there isn’t a ruler — and if it doesn’t do any violence.

But an economy is not free if it can engage in violence. What makes an economy free? It is the freedom of those within it to trade with each other. It is the freedom of

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