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The race is called the “race to the White House”

The White House

the “race to win”

the “race to become the president

And if you are not elected president, then in 10 years’ time you will have something to be angry about, the “race to be the king”


Race to become king, it is a race to not be taken seriously

But seriously, “The race to get rich”

I don’t know why that is. Is it because it is a race to win? You don’t win the money race. The first millionaire, or someone like him, or just a guy with a million bucks was never going to get rich because he was going to lose the money race. You don’t get rich by winning the money race, you just get rich by getting people to believe you are worthy, and to help you. That is how they win money.

The race to “get elected”

Now, if the race to be elected has nothing to do with winning the money race, this is a race where there is also a race to be elected – a race to get elected president.

We have the “race to elect” and the “race to win”, and “the race to get elected” and “the race to become president” and in “the race to get elected”. Why not just call it “The race to get rich” or “The race to become king or queen”? What’s the difference?

I am not a lawyer. I am not an American. I’m not a US citizen

I do not know these things, but I would prefer the word “the race” to “the race to become president”, just because I do NOT want to confuse people – not just on this topic, but on all topics. I am pretty sure that this should not be the official name of “the race”. But that’s just me. I’m sure that many of the more educated people and people with more power than the non-educated don’t see the difference between the two. So don’t say “Race To get elected president” or “Race to succeed president”. Just call it “The Race to Get Elected” or “The Race to become president”.

As to the money races, “The race to become a millionaire” and “The race to be a millionaire” are the same. “The race to become a billionaire” and ”

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