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Out of all the positions that are still open in the Big 12, who do you think have the most wins? (5-10 points = 30 points)

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Your vote: Kansas



The “Kensington Fall,” the final night in the Chinese New Year festival of the Lantern Festival, is one of the few times in Chinese history when all of the world’s leading nations gather together to celebrate. This year, as the Chinese people celebrated the end of the lunar calendar on Jan. 26, their president, Xi Jinping, held a summit at the presidential complex here, and a couple of days later, the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee made its decision to officially establish China as a new country and replace the name of the Communist Party with the People’s Republic.

The Communist Party of China had done everything humanly possible to persuade the U.S. Congress not to recognize China as an independent nation, and Beijing’s leadership thought that it had finally found a way to use the U.S. to its own advantage in Asia. It had even arranged a secret meeting with the Obama administration while Mr. Obama was here, so no American might say anything negative.

On Thursday, the day of the end of the traditional Lantern Festival, an estimated 250,000 people, including Mr. Xi, attended a “big party” in Hong Kong, hosted by the party’s Central Committee. In fact, the gathering was probably more to celebrate than to demonstrate anything substantial in the way of Communist Party power.

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The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a committee of the Communist Party, announced that the Party would officially “take over” the island of Taiwan as a part of China’s territory. This was a complete reversal of the U.S. stance during the 1979 presidential campaign that China wanted to join the United Nations as a full member of the Security Council.

There did also appear to have been an endowment for Chinese culture. “We must not allow our people to suffer because of the backwardness of their cultural heritage,” was the slogan from the party’s annual meeting. That seemed more like an aspirational statement that should be embraced by any country

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