What post position has never won the Derby? – Horse Racing Schedule 2019 Michigan

No one ever has. The only exception is that in 1968, the winner was the center back when the game was tied.

What has led to the highest percentage of clean sheets in a Derby?

A lot of things have. Not all of them come from a clean sheet, mind you, but every keeper has one and every defense has one. I’d be shocked if it didn’t come from an away goal as well.

What have been the most memorable saves?

The greatest saves have been made on a big goal, in an even blow, and one in the shootout.

What is the most surprising save in Derby history?

In 2010, the goalkeeper who played for the New York Red Bulls during the 2008 MLS Cup final. It was a goal that put New York up 2-1, but the Red Bulls keeper had to step up and save it.

Who is the most valuable goalkeeper in U.S. Soccer history?

I have no idea. I always say if we were going to vote a goalkeeper, I’d pick Drew Moor, who saved 70% of the goals for St. Louis in the 2000 MLS Cup final.

Who is the funniest goalkeeper you have ever played with?

The funniest goalkeeper, I should also say, is Jermaine Jones. Sometimes he’s loud so I tell him to shut up.

Who came out on top in the battle of the goalkeepers?

The battle of the goalkeepers has always been pretty close. In the last five years, Drew Moor has been the most expensive goalie in the Premiership but at least his teammates think it’s fun, whereas most goalkeepers would rather sit on the bench.

What is the best goal you ever scored?

The best goal I ever scored was for Newcastle United at Stoke. The team they played against the season before didn’t have enough players, so I scored two against them to get us into the Champions League. The only goals I was credited with as a team member were for my saves, which I have since decided I don’t care about.

Who has scored the most goals in the Premier League season of the English Premier League?

You guessed it, it’s you Drew Moor! I’m sorry in advance.

Who won the Derby of the Week in the 2016/17 MLS season?
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It’s you Drew the Moor.

Who scored the most goals in a Derby?

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