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If you answered “American Quarter Horse” then chances are that you would go with a horse that had an extraordinary track record from thoroughbred racing. However, if you were able to choose between another breed of horse and a thoroughbred, it would seem that you would have given some consideration to his or her characteristics and potential.

According to the National Registry of Breeders, the following are the best thoroughbreds in the world:

1. The Golden Retriever

2. The Greyhound

3. The Golden Retriever

4. The Shih Tzu

5. The Black Lab/Husky

6. The Shih Tzu

7. The English Setter

8. The English Setter/Kangaroo

9. The English Setter/Australian Terrier

And there is, by nature, no breed that would trump these.

It could be argued that we have had a short-lived golden age with the arrival of English Setter and the English Setter/Kangaroo, however, both were bred only for their speed and inbred for show. This has led to the English Setter/Kangaroo being a much higher ranked breed than the Golden Retriever in the world today.

With the increase in popularity in the show ring and in the show circuit, the popularity of the Golden Retriever has increased dramatically, and there are a number of good breeds on the market for the young horse owner that do their job admirably and are just as much a pleasure to keep and care for.

Unfortunately for the “dwarf” horse owner, it is no longer in the best interest of the average adult to be breeding one or more horses together. The breed is no longer in the best interest of the small farm owners. Therefore, all that makes a good thoroughbred is a good pedigree and good showing. In the end, the “great horse” has lost its appeal.

In our “Dwarf Horse” section, we will look at the best thoroughbreds of their day.

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So for now, let’s examine some of the best thoroughbreds that were produced in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Horse Breeds for the Midway

The nineteenth century was a very busy and exciting time in racing. Many of the breeders and stables of the day set their sights on the development of new racing horses. The first

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