What is the biggest horse race in America? – Horse Racing Games Y8

The one in Washington, DC, and the one in Kansas City, Kansas – with Republican and Democrat in charge.

A few weeks ago, the Kansas City Star broke into Kansas with the story “Democrats in Kansas City are trying to save Kansas City.” It was a very good story and a very good story about the Kansas City Democrats being a bunch of arrogant, arrogant people. And I’m a big fan of the Kansas City Star, so here’s my take on the story. It turns out that as far as I can tell the “resistance” has no control of Kansas City, Kansas. There are a whole lot of people that are pretty angry at the Republicans in town now and they are not happy about that. And that’s why Kansas City, Kansas has become the epicenter of the American resistance.

Why are people in Kansas so upset about Kansas City, Kansas? Here is a link to the Kansas City Star article. I know what you’re thinking when you read the entire article… oh, they are talking about me. Yeah, and what is the big deal? There is no real controversy there. There just is a bunch of arrogant bigots. And when you read the Kansas City Star, you begin to understand why they are so upset. Because what you don’t get about all of these people, including the Kansas political system, is the reason they are upset. It is because you do not want the same results to happen here as in Washington, DC.

So that’s the big horse race in Kansas. A horse race where the horses are the Republican party and the people have control of the process. Let’s see about the other horse race in Kansas.

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