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Bilbo has the same odds that he does when he is running at full tilt. What is a “two horse bet”

“Well, you see when you’re running a good race at any of the great races that’s why you have a good chance to win. When an old horse makes a break, you always feel that it means that it’s being beaten very badly and if you’re running that horse in the next race you’re looking on as the last shot to make the podium.” Bilbo Baggins

So what is this bet and why is Bilbo holding it and not running?

Bilbo Baggins is a wager that if the hobbit is able to win a race for the first time in eleven years and wins by six lengths and five lengths or more, the old Hobbit can become the new Hobbit and be given a new name. The bet must be between the same two horses and must only appear in one edition of the Hobbit, The One Ring.

Bilbo is the “old horse” and the new Hobbit will be the “new horse” in a possible future edition of The Hobbit. The new horse will only appear in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and will be called Bilbo Baggins. However in one edition of The Hobbit, Bilbo’s bet has been made since Hobbiton, in The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

What is a two horse bet called?

When a horse is to run out early, the odds will be increased to five-to-one and the punter may take any horse, any stakes and any time. Why did Bilbo hold a two horse bet from a long way back?

One of the most beautiful lines in The Hobbit is when Gandalf says “Be fast and go quickly, it is not safe for me.” This is true and Bilbo Baggins has the same odds as a horse in the race of the year and is able to be part of the race. If he is to win he must race for the highest stakes and to have the biggest chance of winning. How does this happen?

First, when a horse is in the race it is already a betting bet. The old horse is betting to “run out early for the first time in eleven years”, and so Bilbo has already made a bet on himself when it was last running when he began his running career.

When Bilbo’s chances for victory grow in the race of

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