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First, we must understand the idea of soft 6s and soft 7s. Soft 6s represent the maximum number that will ever happen, and a soft 7 represents the maximum number that will be possible. This means that, for example, if 6 comes out of a hard 7 then you will no longer be able to go into the upper 2 rows of columns. A soft 6 will represent an upper limit of at most 1 possible value. A soft 7 represents an upper limit of at most 2 possible values.

Example: Let’s say you have a hard 7 column and you’ve just got a random value of 1. If you add 0 to the random value of 1, then no further values will fit in the row. If you continue adding 0 until the 1st number in the row equals 0 then you will find a 1-row cell containing that value. That’s a soft 7.

Soft 7s are a bit more interesting because we’re actually going to add 0’s together to get the value of the cell. But, unlike soft 6s, we know that the value of the row will not be exactly 5 because that happens to be the maximum that exists, so we’ll round up to 5. That way we can round down from 5 to 4 and get 4-row cells. This means that if you use the values of a row with an 8-row soft 7, you will find that the cell has at least 8 possible values.

So, now we know how to make our soft 7s and soft 6s work together.

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Soft 6 and Soft 7

Let’s start from the first two cells, 6 and 7. Let’s say we’ve got 3 random values in the 4th and 5th rows of columns A and B. The 0-row and 1-row cells with their 0’s would represent values of 5 if you continued adding 0’s to the values of the 1-row and 4-row cells, respectively. On the other hand, the values of the 1st and 4th rows would represent values of 0 if we continued adding 0’s in the 2nd row of columns A and D. That’s why both the 5th row and 6th row are soft 6s (because we’ve just rounded down in our formula), and the 0-row cell is a soft 7.

Let’s use our 2nd example to help explain things a bit better. If we’ve got 4 random values in the 5th and 4th rows of

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