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You may have seen “crying babies” and “lullabies” on the news and on social media. These are not the same. They are not cute, they are NOT napping, and they are not racing infants.

RaceNap is a racing nap. We’ve gone through a lot of changes and are now taking the product to new heights!

This baby is an amazing racing nap to share with everyone.
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Here is a short video of Baby Ailish napping in the baby blanket with her favorite people!

She is very active and loves playing with other children.

Her favorite person so far was Raleway, our racing nap partner.

She was a great nap. I could not stop smiling.

This baby is such a trooper!

Here is one of our racers enjoying that nap!

Here are some of our babies doing their racing naps

You should not try to make babies nap in a racing blanket. You will be disappointed.

Why do racers sleep in a racing blanket?

Racing naps are a really unique experience!

There is only one type of racing nap. They use the racing cuddly blanket in an enclosed room. There will be no moving or breathing. There is no air movement during the nap except when you close and open the door!

When you put the racing nap in the racing cuddly blanket, your baby will have the opportunity to play with her friends and be the one to snuggle her little ones. She will have the opportunity to play and nip at her naps while it is safe for them to do so.

After the racing nap they go to the other room and the racing cuddly blanket sleeps in their room. It will be very comfy as they sleep.

For your baby to sleep in a racing nap you will need a racing nap carrier or sleeping bag if you do not already have one.

Our racing nap carriers have padded straps for comfort and support. It works very well!

Please see the racing pad page for sizing information. There are many racers who use our racing pads and they are very popular! Here is a link to where you can purchase racers pads:

You will need to make sure you have a racing mat, sleeping pad, racing pads, sleeping bags as well as baby clothes to take care of during your racing nap. Some babies use racing pads

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